Your strength

An informative website

on printed matter?

Although the world is becoming more and more digital every day and companies attach great value to their high profile on the web, the power of expression of printed matter has not disappeared yet. Less so when it is used to promote services to a wider audience or to inform established customers. A website is not necessarily more effective than a flyer and it can certainly not serve as a replacement of printed matter.
We can not only create a kick-ass design for your flyer, but we can also walk you through the printing process.

Like everything

it is all about the looks!

Anblick’s designers always try to achieve the perfect appeal of your printed matter. They take the utmost care that your flyer tallies closely with your corporate design, website and your audience, but above all that your message comes across.


Examples are A4, A5, A6 or A6 DIN-long formats. We can do full colour, both double-sided and single-sided printing. Ideal to reach critical mass.


Flyers allow creativity and products and services are well-displayed. With a folded A4 print there are 4 sides available for display and story behind your business.


This is commonly used for a very informative flyer. Folded there are 6 sides for display of specified products and services with images and plenty of space for text.