Terms and conditions

Clause 1. Definitions

1.1. In these terms and conditions shall apply “client”: the natural or legal person who has expressed to cooperate with Anblick • Imagobureau or wanting to purchase products and services of Anblick • Imagobureau hereinafter referred to “Anblick”.

Clause 2. Applicability

2.1. These general conditions apply to all offers and agreements between Anblick and the client.
2.2. These terms and conditions also apply to all agreements with Anblick involving third parties.
2.3. Deviations from these general condi ons are possible, only if expressly agreed in wri ng.
2.4. Any purchase and general conditions of the client shall not apply unless Anblick has accepted these conditions in writing.

Clause 3. Quotations

3.1. By Anblick quotations are free and valid for 30 days. Anblick is only bound by a quotation if its acceptance is confirmed by the client within 30 days.
3.2. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
3.3. Quotations do not apply automatically to future assignments.

Clause 4. Obligations and liabilities Anblick

4.1. Anblick is obliged to carry out orders and contracts to the best of his knowledge and ability in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. If the proper execution of the agreement requires this, Anblick will have certain work done by third parties.
4.2. Anblick endeavor to get any deadlines. In case an agreed deadline can not be complied by Anblick, Anblick will expeditiously inform the client with details of the then anticipated term, without the client being able to derive the right to claim compensation of any kind or dissolution may proceed or could seek enforcement of the agreement.
4.3. Anblick uses personal or business data of the client solely for its own administrative purposes.
4.4. Anblick only accepts liability for the client its damages resulting from a accountable shortcoming in the fulfillment of the agreement. Anblick liability is limited in all cases to the value of what the client must pay or has already paid for that part of the agreement, where the liability stems from.
4.5. Anblick is not responsible for updating the client’s website. If it is necessary, additional costs may be charged for the safe keeping of the website. This always occurs in consultation.
4.6. Anblick is not liable for damage to hardware and software which was created by the development of software that aims at causing damage such as computer viruses. Anblick text is to run antivirus software to limit the damage to its systems and remove or isolate infected files if Anblick deems necessary.

Clause 5. Obligations and liabilities client

5.1. The client is responsible for the correct delivery of data and / or materials for the provision of services by Anblick. The client undertakes the delivery of information and / or materials not to infringe intellectual property rights.
5.2. The client indemnify Anblick any claim of third parties who suffer damage caused by the execution of the contract attributable to the customer.
5.3. The client is responsible for all within the framework of the agreement generated texts or utterances, even if Anblick has provided the text. Damages, in any form, which is the direct or indirect result of incorrect texts or utterances, is never the responsibility of Anblick.

Clause 6. Majeure

6.1. In case the client decides to terminate the project prematurely, ie before providing all of the agreed services which may or may not be ready for use or presentable for/to the customer, Anblick the right retains to (with reference to a timesheet) charge the hours worked on the project with due regard that this amount could be higher than the initial offer on the agreed services.
6.2. In case Anblick decides to terminate the project prematurely, ie before providing all of the agreed services which may or may not be ready for use or presentable for/to the customer, Anblick the right retains to (with reference to a timesheet) charge the hours worked on the project however, the amount can not exceed the initial offer on the agreed services.
6.3. None of the parties is obliged to fulfill any obligation under the agreement to which it is prevented due to a circumstance that is not due to his fault or by law, legal act or in social intercourse prevailing opinion is on his behalf.
6.4. Where the implementation of the agreement or contract due to force majeure is not possible and the foreseeable resulting delaybwill take longer than one week, then each of the parties after mutual agreement will be able to terminate the agreement without owing any compensation to the other. Anblick reserves the right to claim the costs incurred (to third parties).

Clause 7. Payments

7.1. Anblick sends the client a monthly invoice for the work done in the previous month, unless another frequency agreed.
7.2. The client complies each invoice within 8 days after the invoice date.
7.3. When contracts involve Anblick to make costs an advance payment can be requested.
7.4. In case of liquidation, bankruptcy or moratorium on payment of the client’s claims Anblick due immediately.
7.5. If payment is not received on time, the client owes – without being required any warning or notice – the legal interest to Anblick from the date on which payment should have been made until the date of actual payment.
7.6. Anblick reserves the right to calculate administration cost, in the absence of payments.
7.7. If Anblick proceeds to debt collection, then all costs of collection, both judicial and extrajudicial costs, are borne by the client, where the extrajudicial costs are determined at least 15% of the principal claim, with a minimum of € 115.

Clause 8. Final clauses

8.1.The headings above the clauses of these terms have no independent meaning and they do not affect the interpretation of the articles.
8.2. These general conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
8.3. Disputes, if not to solve amicably, submitted to the competent court.
8.4. These general conditions is translated into English. In the event of a dispute concerning these general conditions is only the Dutch text and meaning binding under Dutch law.