Not just an ordinary logo

We create a brand.
Not just a logo but

Your logo design

Many entrepreneurs of start-ups are governed by their tastes and their enthusiasm, but at this stage it is very important to conduct market research first and make strategic choices, as the opinion of the market is even more important than the entrepreneur’s expectations.
Together we will decide on this balance. Anblick is not interested in quantity but in quality. The stronger we can make your brand the prouder we will be. We love being right in hindsight. It is great to have a dream, but a sound plan is the best way to a substantiated future.

Creating a corporate design

should be done by specialists

There is a difference between a download and what a passionate professional can create. The latter internalizes and feels your need. He or she listens to your input, wishes and goals and combines them with his or her own creative talents.


First we would like to receive input. We collect information about your (start-up) company, the market and the audience. With this information in mind we decide on the next steps.


Anblick’s designers come together to brainstorm on the information they now have. At the same time we decide on which of our designers best fits the profile. That is key for a proper design.

Design stage

Our designer will then make an outline for the design. A number of concepts may be considered in a correction round. Therefore the client choices are conscious and create a stronger brand.


The end result is achieved when a strong design emerges in which the company profile is represented. We will also advise you how it is to be used in all kinds of media and platforms.